Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Apocalypse Averted?

Apparently today was supposed to have some hidden significance to the radical Islam and their war against western society. Depending on who you read or listen to today was supposed to be an apocalyptical one for all us heathen westerners.

I don’t put much stock in doom and gloom predictions from people who are still living in a 13th century society with a 7th century mindset. After all how many times are tea leaves, tossed bones, and astrological forecasts going to be right?

So I didn’t do anything different today than any other Tuesday. However I did get a little worried around lunch time. I went over to the golf course and hit a bucket of golf balls. I’m afraid I was flirting with the end of life as we know it there. First I chipped the bucket at the pitching green and put over twice as many balls on the green than I usually do. Then I picked up the balls and hit them on the range. This was probably the best bucket of golf balls I have ever hit. I was hitting fades and draws, on purpose. I even hit some straight shots. Out of the entire bucket I only really had about 5 really bad hits. The majority of the shots I hit were really good, or adequate enough that I wouldn’t complain if I hit them during a round. I even hit a couple shots worth bragging about to my golf buddies. But I’ll save you all from that.

So if sometime between now and midnight the apocalypse strikes – I’m Sorry. It’s probably all my fault.

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