Thursday, August 10, 2006


I am leaving today for Cheyenne, Wyoming - Again!

My 30th class reunion is being held this weekend. Originally I was not going to attend the reunion. After making the trip to Cheyenne with Dad in June and again with the family last month for our planned vacation I had convinced myself that a third trip was just too much. Besides we knew that high school volleyball tryouts were going to be sometime around this weekend and my daughter wanted me to go to them with her.

But through several different circumstances coming together I ended up getting plane tickets to fly out today and back on Sunday. This will allow me to attend the ice-breaker on Friday and the dinner on Saturday. I'll skip the picnic on Sunday in order to fly home and be here for tryouts with my daughter on Monday.

The only thing about this weekend that has me worried is looking at the website that was set up for my reunion. I'm going to be spending my weekend with a bunch of old folks.

I'm not taking my computer so I will not be blogging until sometime early next week.

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