Tuesday, August 01, 2006

UW Volleyball Camp

July 17 - 19

My Daughter Chaos was enrolled in a volleyball camp at the University of Wyoming. She was one of about 150 girls enrolled in this camp. I hung around the camp for most of the three days. I was watching the coaches and trying to learn as much from them as I could. I picked up some new drills, some twists on old drills and a few pointers on teaching certain skills.

My daughter seemed to have a good time. She came home very tired every night. After all volleyball from 8 AM to 8 PM every day at 7220 feet with a couple hours off for lunch and dinner can be pretty intense.

We discovered during this camp that it is a really small world that we live in. At the beginning of the camp they polled where all the players were from. Most were from Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. There were a couple from Ohio, one from Washington and my daughter from California.

The afternoon of the first day they divided all the players into teams of 14 or 15 girls. Each team had two coaches assigned to them.

During one of the breaks my daughter’s coach asked where in California she was from. When she told him she was from Ridgecrest he knew all about our little town. Apparently this coach, who is the head volleyball coach at Arizona Western, a small community college had recruited our local high school Varsity Coach’s daughter to come play ball for him in the fall.

So what are the chances that my daughter could travel 1100 miles to a volleyball camp and ends up being coached there by a guy who is going to be coaching the daughter of the coach that my daughter wants to play volleyball for in a couple years?

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