Saturday, August 05, 2006


I haven't managed to find out what is burning to the southwest of town. At first we thought it was the landfill, but it is too far away for that. My dear wife and I were headed home from Walmart around 3 PM and saw this huge column of smoke rising up from the mountains to the southwest. I just hole it stays over there. We really aren't looking forward to breathing wildfire smoke for day or weeks.


Update: As of 8:30 PM

fire evening

40 minutes later at 9:10 PM The wind has shifted a bit and the smoke cloud that lay over the mountains all afternoon has apparently headed our way. You can smell the fire now.

fire night

As of early this morning (8/6) the fire seems to be mostly out. There is no smoke rising from the area. The fire was located in the Piute Mountains area of the Sequoia National Park. The fire fighters apparently got a break last night when the wind shifted and started blowing the fire back onto already burned areas. Who says the wind around here is never good for anything?

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