Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Lights

After dinner this evening the whole family loaded into the van with our cups of hot chocolate to drive around town and look at the Christmas lights. There are a few neighborhoods that are standard places to visit for beautiful Christmas light displays. The rest of the evening we drive aimlessly around looking down streets displays of lights.

Our favorite spots are a collection of three houses on Kinnett St. These neighbors decorate together, the lights spread from one house to the other. There is a house on Alene Street, one on Vicki Court and one on Beth lane that we love to stop by. The house on Beth Lane is always a challenge. We are never sure where this short street is at. We rarely come upon it from the same direction two years in a row.

This year after finding Beth Lane and enjoying the yard full of animated Christmas figurines we were driving out of the neighborhood and I asked my dear wife to check the cross street names. She was unable to see the first street name, but as we drove along the block she pointed to a large building and said its right past the Jehovah’s Witnesses Temple. We were both making a mental note of that for next year when my son spoke up from the back seat asking “What are Jamocha’s?”

We both asked “What?” and he repeated “What are jamocha witnesses?” The whole van was rocking in laughter for several blocks after that. Finally we managed to calm ourselves down enough to explain what we had said and where his error had been. However I don’t think my dear wife and I will ever see the Jehovah’s walking the sidewalks again with their Watchtower magazines without thinking of Jamocha Shakes from Arby’s or Baskin Robbins’s Jamocha ice cream. I’m afraid that for our family they will forever from this night forth be Jamocha’s Witnesses.

We ended our evening with a stroll down Victoria Ct. Victoria court is a short cul-de-sac that most of the houses decorate with lights. All the houses string lights across the street from one roof top to the opposite house. Most people drive the cul-de-sac but we have always preferred to park and walk. We have so few neighborhoods in town that all the houses will decorate and driving through this short one makes the enjoyment pass to quickly.

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