Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Holiday Movie Night

Three years ago we started a new family Christmas holiday tradition. We all gathered together along with a couple of my daughter’s friends and did nothing all day but watch movies. That first year we watched all three extended director’s cut Lord of the Rings movies. Last year we watched all seven Star Wars movies.

This year the family decided to have a Treasure Hunters movie marathon. We started with all three Indiana Jones movies. From there we moved on to The Mummy, Sahara and National Treasure. Valley of the Kings should be starting just about the time I post this. We will finish up with Stewart Granger’s version of King Solomon’s Mine, if everyone else can stay awake that long.

During the day I followed another family post-Christmas tradition – homemade turkey vegetable noodle soup. Several years ago my children and I discovered that the best part of having turkey is making soup with the carcass. So while we were watching movies, I boiled down the carcass of our Christmas turkey to make stock. Then I cleaned the remaining meat off the carcass, scooped all the bones out of the stock. Added a Wyler’s Chicken Noodle Soup Starter, some bullion cubes, a bag of mixed frozen vegetables, salt, pepper and dried onion flakes. Let the whole large cast iron pot full of fixins simmer for several hours until the smell was driving us nuts. Then added some egg noodles and we all enjoyed a delicious dinner of soup and a movie.

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Anonymous said...

Next year you should try adding Once Upon Christmas and Twice Upon a Christmas to your lisst of movies. My family just loves these movies. I learned about them on kathy Great moive!