Saturday, December 30, 2006

So Long Saddam

At the very early hours of this morning Saddam Hussein was led to a gallows by three hooded men who carried out an Iraqi Court of Law’s order for his execution.

This event has been gloated over by some, and lamented by others. I intend to do neither. If I still lived in Texas Saddam would have been on my short list of “people who just need killin’. “

The one part of this whole affair that I am pleased with is the quickness of his execution. Here in America we have people who have been living on death row for over 20 years while they repeatedly appeal their convictions. As a proponent of the death penalty I definitely like a system of laws that doesn’t think that a conviction and a death sentence means that the taxpayers should continue to support the convicted felon until they die of old age.

My only regret over Saddam’s execution is that he could only be punished once for the hundreds of thousands of people that he so badly used, abused and murdered for three decades. But since executing him more than once would be inhuman, it’s really too bad that they couldn’t find a couple Kurdish women to be his executioners.

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