Thursday, December 07, 2006

Laura Bush’s Dress

WCBS in New York has a news story out targeting First Lady Laura Bush because three other women showed up at the White House Christmas Party wearing the same dress as the first lady. Actually the story called it a holiday reception. Bite Me! It was a Christmas Party. It seems that this $8500 dress was so popular that three different women just had to have one. Personally I can’t see spending that kind of money on a dress but then I’m not one of the rich and beautiful people. I work for a living.

So how did the first lady handle this situation? As the hostess of the party she had the luxury of being able to go upstairs and change outfits. So she spent $8500 on a dress so it could hang in the closet. Wonderful…..

How did the media report this totally meaningless incident?

Laura Bush Can't Compete, Changes Outfit Mid-Party

First Lady Laura Bush. Oops!

Despite the fact that Mrs. Bush changed, the incident won't be forgotten any time soon.

Fox News called it a Major Fashion Faux Pas!

All this leads me to ask three questions. First off, a woman shows up at a party wearing the same dress as the hostess and it’s the hostess’s fault? Secondly did the president run upstairs and change in to jeans and a flannel shirt because another man showed up in a black tux? And finally, why is this news, why does anyone care and why the hell am I writing about it?


The Yell said...

Not one word on the real story:

"'I Almost Smirked'": Husband Recounts White House Brush With Death"

Maybe they could avoid this with a toga party. With $400 Egyptian cotton sheets.

David said...

This is why I'm not the President of the United States. If I had been in GW's shoes I would have made the four ladies line up and have their picture taken together under the Christmas Tree. Maybe have them pose like they were a sixties girl group - Laura and the Dressalikes.

My dear wife tells me that is not why I'm not president - that is why she doesn't take me to parties. I guess there are other reasons why I'm not the President...