Monday, December 18, 2006

SAC/PTG Christmas Party

Tonight we hosted a Christmas Party in our house for the members of the School Advisory Council and the PTG officers. When I took over as President of the School Advisory Council 5 years ago I started having the other members of the council over for a Christmas party and a kick off BBQ at the beginning of each school year. I just always find it easier to work with people or get through difficult times when we have gotten to know one another in an informal get together.

The party was pretty simple. Sandwiches and Christmas treats and desserts was our dinner fare. We spent a couple hours just visiting and talking about our lives, families and the school.

Our Christmas party has never gotten full attendance by all seven members of the council and the five PTG officers. Counting spouses and children we usually managed to get about twelve people to show up. It makes for a small intimate party. I would like to get everyone involved. But finding a day at this time of the year when everyone is available for a couple hours in the evening is difficult. I even had to miss the end of the party when I had to leave to pick my daughter up from her volleyball practice. When we got home, everyone else had left.

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