Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dolphins Franchise Record

The Miami Dolphins broke a 9 year old team franchise record in todays game against the Buffalo Bills.

The Dolphins were flagged for 18 penalties.

Their previous record was 14 committed against the Cincinnati Bengals on Oct 1, 1995 and then again against the New England Patriots on November 3, 1996.

Not a proud achievement, nor a fun game to watch in what may be my last game this season as a Dolphins fan. Next week that pot-head quitter Ricky Williams will have finished his four game suspension for drug use and will be back in the lineup.

There are a lot of people that will say that I'm not a very good fan for turning my back on a team because of one player. But I believe that Ricky Williams cares even less for the Dolphins Football team than I do for him. He is back with the team because he owes them 8.6 million dollars. I expect that as soon as Williams has played enough to get out of that debt he will walk out on them again.

My dislike or distrust of Ricky Williams is not my only problem with the Dolphins. I also have to question the wisdom of the team management that would take him back after all the damage he did to the team last time he was playing for them.

I will miss being a Dolphins fan, and will become one again - once Ricky Williams proves he can be trusted again or is no longer wearing a Dolphins uniform.

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