Sunday, October 23, 2005

Local Government Proposes More Interference

We have trouble right here in Ridgecrest. That's right, Trouble with a capital T. The Ridgecrest Planning Commission (RPC) spells trouble "Cargo Container."

The RPC is proposing a city ordinamce to prohibit storage containers from residential property here in Ridgecrest.

Accordig to an article in today's Daily Independent, Community and Economic Development Director Gary Parsons:

“It is a controversial item within the community, “We have lots of them within the community in different phases.”

“We do not have any control over the placement or how they are established within our ordinance,” he said. “There is a need for some sort of control over the use of containers within our community.”

Mr. Parsons concerns were echoed by City Councilman Steve Morgan who said:

“We need a regulation for them, and that is what is being provided here,”

Fortunately Councilman Ron Carter seems to have a good grasp of the issue.

“I’m not sure why this is even needed,” said Carter. “I think government controls too much of peoples’ lives, and here’s another indication we’re going to control more. There haven’t been any complaints to the city since I’ve been on the council.”

When questioned about the number of complaints that have been filed with the Ridgecrest Planning Commission, Mr. Parsons had this to say:

“I have not personally seen any, and I don’t know that the department has,”

So let see if we can straighten this mess out. No one has complained to the Ridgecrest Planning Commission, nor to the city council. But we have a problem with storage containers on private property here is Ridgecrest. Even worse, since we have no regulations on where and how to place storage containers then naturally the logical thing to do is to just ban them within the city limits.

I think the members of the Ridgecrest Planning Commission and some members of our city council are jockeying themselves potential runs for seats in the California State Senate. Since they obviously have nothing better to do with themselves, so they are sitting around trying to think of ways of interfing with our lives.

If this is the type of leadership that we can continue to expect from our City Council then I have some suggestions from other regulations to improve the looks of our fair city. I am personally sick and tired of seeing cars parked in the driveways of city council members. I think we should ban them. Afterall it is obviously a problem. You can tell it's a problem because no one has been complaining about it. That's a sure sign of trouble in Ridgecrest. Anything that no one is complaining about has to be banned.

I don't have a cargo container in my yard. But I know folks who do. The all have them for one reason. The wind. Metal storage shed in Ridgecrest last about as long as a trailer park in a tornado. The wind around here is just to strong for metal storage sheds. Hense many people opt for cargo containers. You never see a cargo container getting torn apart in the heavy winds.

I don't kow about the City Council, but I would personally rather see a cargo container in someone's back yard than have to look at all the crap they would store in a container scattered around their yard. Besides, what is next? Will I have to start calling the Council and asking permission to mow my grass, trim my trees, paint my house, rearrange my patio furniture, or hang up a bird house in my backyard?

This is just one more instance of a typical Californian Politicial trying to over regulate and control the lives of people who voted them into office.

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