Tuesday, October 18, 2005

George Bush Hates Me

It has been raining here since about 9 PM last night. It varies between a slight drizzle and a fairly heavy downpour.

I woke up this morning to find water flooding the low spots of the back yard, water running in the streets, water flooding the gardens in the front yard.

It is still raining, there is water running in the streets, cars are using the their windshield wipers, and people are wearing raincoats and carrying unbrellas.

Where is FEMA? Where is the Red Cross? Where is the Federal Government to save us from all this.

This is all George Bush's fault. He should have never let Karl Rove build that infernal weather machine of his.

George Bush hates people who live in the desert!


Update: My Grandfather just called me from heaven and reminded me that I don't need help from FEMA I just need to get my unbrella and raincoat out of the closet and figure out how to use them myself.

But I'm not sure. That seems like an awful lot of responsibility to have to take for myself. Especially that part about putting on my own raincoat. I think that the government should take care of stuff like that for me. They can just raise the taxes on the rich to pay for the help I need.

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