Thursday, October 06, 2005

NYC Subway Threat

New York City authorities increased security in the subway system today after they received what they believed to be a credible threat to the subway system.

Details of the threat are sketchy. Different news agencies are reporting several different versions, all of which come from anonymous sources.

Apparently two or three Iraqi insurrgents were captured in Iraq. During the arrest/capture one of them blabbed about a plan for somewhere between 12 and 20 terrorist to plant and detonate bombs on the New York City subway system.

Some reports indicate that the captured men may or may not have been pharmiscists who were going to join other pharmicists in launching a chemical attack on the New York City subway system.

There is a lot of uncertainty and questions about the whole thing. But I think I can clear it up.

The threat is not real. There is nothing to worry about. Just ask any left wing, tree hugging, pansy sniffing, bush hating, give socialism a chance whack job and they will tell you that there is no connection between the Global War on Terror and the Iraq War.

So if the Democrats are right that the War in Iraq is an illegal personal agenda of George Bush then there would certainly be no reason for any organized terrorist organization to plan an attack in New York City.

So folks in New York should just go about thier lives and ride the subways with their eyes closed. If you see a dark swarthy skinned mid-twenties man walk away and leave his briefcase on the subway don't worry about it. We live in a world where our greatest enemy is our president and Iraq had nothing to do with terrorist attacks in New York.

But, if you have an IQ greater than 50 and the ability to rationally add 2 and 2 and get 4 and if you are willing to not blindly accept most of what the main stream media tells you to think and do a little honest evaluation of the current world situation for yourself you might want to let the NYC authorities search your bag when you get on the subway. You may want to keep your eyes open and pay attention what is going on around you.

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