Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Sharp Blow to the Head

Last week CA Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, during his state of the state speech proposed over 220 billion dollars in additional spending for the State of California over the next 10 years.

Now over the weekend the RINOator, with his son riding in a side car, ran his motercycle into a car that backed out in front of him. Our RINOator and his son suffered minor injuries. Schwarzenegger needed 15 stiches in his upper lip.

I real rino would have ripped that car to shreds and not needed stiches afterwards so I guess our Governor will have to settle for being a RINO in name only. Does that make him a RINOINO?

Let's all hope that this little incident will jar the RINOator back to reality. You know? The reality that many of us fiscal conservatives in California were willing to vote for him knowing that he was a social liberal, because we felt having an electable fiscal conservative was worth it. But since the Rinoator seems to have given up on fiscal conservativism also. I don't seem much reason to keep him around any more.

The Rinoator's new spending plan for the State of California is the antithesis of everything we elected him for. If he continues with this line of thinking I hope he enjoyed his time in Sacramento. Because come Novemeber we will send him and his stiched up lip home. Maybe he can use his new look to get a part is the new Rocky movie.

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