Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Thank You Senator Leahy

I turned on Fox News this morning while eating breakfast in order to watch a few minutes of the Alito hearings.

I happened to tune in during Senator Leahy's (D-Vt) grilling of Mr. Alito. The 15 minutes of the hearing that I watched were very illuminating. The difference in personality of the two men is remarkable. Leahy just drones on, shifting from topic to topic. He rehashes questions over and over without ever actually asking any questions. Judge Alito meanwhile sits quietly and listens to this drivel. When Leahy finally slips up and asks a question Alito will start to answer the question. Granted I only got to watch about 15 - 20 minutes of the hearings. But in that time period Alito only got to speak three times. Each time he was only allowed to speak for less than a minute before the Senator would interrupt him by either refuting Alitos statements, discounting Alito's statements, or just simply changing the subject. It was very obvious that Senator Leahy was not nearly as interested in hearing Judge Alito's responses as he was listening to his own voice.

I should be surprised, but I'm not, Senator Leahy, even after saying his time was up and turning the floor over to Alito for a final comment, Senator Leahy interrupted Alito one last time, preventing him from finishing his final sentence.

However I have to give Senator Leahy credit for one thing. He finally found a way to make me want to go to work in the morning. It is that, or i have to scoop my brains out with spoon. I suppose I could just change the channel, but that would require me to reach for the remote, and the spoon was already in my hand.

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