Tuesday, January 03, 2006

USB Insanity

USB = Universal Serial Bus. What a joke. Every computer that I have or use has USB ports on it. They are all the same shape and size. So how come the cables that plug into these ports all have different size and shape plugs on the other end.

My desktop computer has USB connections for two different Kodak cameras, a Pentax Camera, a printer/scanner/copier, three different Palm brand PDAs, my daughter's iPod and a film scanner. Each of these devices uses a different cable.

I would like to know why two Kodak point and shoot cameras need to have two different USB cables? Why do three different Palm brand PDAs need three different cables? At least my Printer/scanner/ copier, film scanner and external hard drive will all use the same cable. Although the film scanner did warn me:

Note: Your scanner may not work correctly if you use a USB cable other than the one supplied by Epson or if you connect your scanner through moe than one hub.

At first I though USB was a good idea. Since the Universal part of USB seems to mean something different to each manufacturer. Even companies like Kodak and Palm can't make up their mind what type and size of universal connector to use from product to product.

What would have been so wrong with a standard USB connector for the end of the cable tha plugs into the computer, then three different connectors for the other end - regular, small and mini.

But I guess that would make too much sense.

Well I have to go rescue my kid from the mass of cables hanging out from around my computer. I think they are trying to eat him.

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