Friday, January 13, 2006

Yellow Feathered Friends

The weather today was incredible. The temperature topped out at a very confortable 65 degrees. I spent a large portion of the morning taking down and packing up the last of the outdoor Christmas decorations.

While I was taking down the lights that I had strung in the trees in the front yard I really irritated this little fellow.


He was just trying to enjoy the thistle seeds that my dear wife had hung out in the front yard tree. But me, the ladder and the long pole that I was using to get the lights out of the tree kind of spooked him. He would squawk at me, if you can call the noise such a little finch makes a squawk. Then he would flutter madly about making as much noise as possible.

After I got the camera and zoom lens out of the house I had to park myself about 6 feet from the feed and wait. Evenutally his hunger overcame his worry about me standing there and he fluttered down to eat.

So while my yellowbellied friend had a couple other finches over for lunch, I finished putting away all the outdoor Christmas Decorations. Meanwhile my dear wife finished packing away all the indoor decorations.

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