Monday, January 01, 2007

Boise State Fiesta Bowl

Boise State knocked off Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl this evening in single overtime. I missed the first half of the game because my daughter had volleyball practice this evening. But the final 90 seconds of the game, and the overtime was some of the best college ball I watched all season.

Boise State started the half with a 21 – 10 lead. They quickly ran that up to 28 – 10. Then they started making mistakes. Eventually Oklahoma tied the game up at 28 – 28. Then with only one minute on the clock Boise State’s quarterback threw an interception that Oklahoma ran back for a TD and a 7 point lead. Boise State was driving downfield trying to tie the game back up. When their drive eventually stalled they found themselves facing a 4th and 18. That’s when the Boise State coaching staff pulled out all the stops. They ran a perfect hook and lateral which scored the game tying touchdown with 7 seconds left in the game.

In overtime Oklahoma scored a TD on their first play. Boise State managed a first down and then once again their drive stalled. The scored a touch down on another trick play from the 3 yard line and decided to go for two to win the game. For the extra point they lined up with 4 players wide right. The QB faked the toss right, switched the ball into his left hand and held it out to the running back who was blocking for him. The RB scampered left into the end zone.

It was a fantastic finish. But for Boise State tail back Ian Johnson the excitement was just beginning. During the post game celebration Johnson was standing with his arm around his girlfriend, a Boise State Cheerleader. When the questions were over and with the camera still centered on the couple, he dropped to his knee and proposed.

She said yes.

Call me a romantic or stupidly sentimental but I thought it was a perfect end to a marvelous football game.

The only thing wrong with this game was that the 12-0 Boise State Broncos were not playing Ohio State for the national championship. But for that to happen division 1 college football is going to have to bite the bullet and admit that they would like to have a true championship game instead of all the money the bowl system brings in. I suspect that the money is going to keep winning for many more years. Even though Utah in 2004 and Boise State tonight showed that there are teams in the country who do not play in BCS conferences that deserve a shot at a title.

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