Monday, January 15, 2007

Another Weekend Gone

Another weekend is coming to a close. It was a pretty good weekend. But it could have been better. It could have been longer.

Actually this weekend was a four day weekend for us. Friday was a normal flex Friday at work so we got that day off, then Monday was a holiday. There is never a bad four day weekend. But now that this one is coming to a close I could use a day or two to recover from my weekend. This was the one weekend each year that the whole family hates. It was time to take down our Christmas decorations. Right now we have almost all our decorations down and packed. The garage is full of plastic boxes. Normally we would have spent this afternoon shoving them all into the attic. But we decided to change or storage situation this year. Since the attic has been getting full we decided to clean out the shed and store a lot of the Christmas boxes there. But since the weather has been cold all weekend I didn't get the shed completely emptied out. So the boxes will have to stay in the garage for a few more days.

This weekend was pretty much four days of undecorating, volleyball practice and frustrating attempts to keep my computer working. My oldest daughter had volleyball practice three of the four days this weekend. On Sunday she got a double dose. We went to open volleyball in the early afternoon where we just played and had fun with some of her friends. Then we went to her regular practice that evening. I had fun at the practice. I have volunteered to help out in whatever way needed. Usually they only let me sweep the floor and shag some balls during drills. Sunday night I got to toss balls for drills for quite a while, then scrimmage with a couple other players for most of the rest of the practice. The scrimmaging was fun, working with the drills was more like coaching and I've been missing that the last couple months.

I have been having some computer problems with my laptop. About two weeks ago my Microsoft Word program has decided to stop working. I have been struggling with it for several days now and not getting very far. The program starts normally but once I start typing the program locks up somewhere between the first and tenth characters that I type. Everything just freezes. I can click on the close button or on the button in the toolbar in an attempt to close the program at which I get a messagebox that tells me the program is unresponsive and I select the option to close the program. Sometimes it closes after several minutes of doing nothing. Sometimes it never closes. I have tried everything I can think of and nothing seems to work. I have defragged the hard drive, repaired the Word installation, reinstalled Word, etc. For the most part nothing works. For about three hours on Saturday everything was working just fine. I was able to use Word to create a handout for a beginner volleyball camp. But then suddenly Word just stopped working again.

So until I can get it straightened out, I'm stuck using Thunderbird as a word processor.

So tomorrow its back to work again. I'm not looking forward to that. I only have one more week at this job. I was told last week that I had until this next Friday to finish the project I'm working on then I was being let go. So I have four days to finish my project, prepare a final report, present a briefing on difficulties encountered with the project, and find myself somewhere else to work on the base. Oh, boy, sounds like its going to be a fun week.

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