Monday, January 22, 2007

Bears and Colts

I've never seen or read about a knock down drag out fight between a bear and young horse where the horse won. Superbowl XLI isn't going to be much different.

Sunday afternoon was a little tense in our house. One of my favorite teams, the Bears were playing against my dear wife's favorite team, the Saints.

My dear wife is a long time aints fan. She has really enjoyed this year watching her favorite team transform from the aints into the Saints. I usually enjoy watching the Saints play, especially this year. I have on two different occasions sat and yelled at the television when the dolphins were passing up chances to pick up quarterback Drew Brees. It's good to see that on rare occassions my guesses as to who is going to be good QB material proves true.

While my dear wife was cheering on the Colts in the second game I really didn't care who won. In the end I succumbed to my dear wife's anxiousness and ended up cheering on the Colts also.

The best part of the evening was the red beans and rice my dear wife made for dinner. She wanted to cook something cajun just in case the Saints won.

Go Bears!

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