Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Who Am I?

I decided to try a new modern approach to answering the old question of who am I? Since there aren't any ancient seers living on top of any mountains around here for me to visit I had to try the modern approach - I googled myself.

I discovered that I am a:

  • A guy in Denver who likes to write reviews on Amazon.com
  • a Ph.D. student in Chemistry at UC Santa Cruz
  • the Administration, Events, Exhibits, Restoration and Media Administrator at the Governatorial Mansion in Des Moines IA
  • a men's clothier in St-Laurent, Canada
  • a research pediatrician in Anaheim CA
  • the Head of the Computer Science Department at the Universtiy of Alabama
  • a pediatrician in Newport Beach, CA
  • the President & CEO of APOK Technology, Inc
  • a Macromedia Certified ColdFusion Developer
  • a low income housing developer from Sunset Beach, CA

Wow, I'm a pretty complex guy. I guess if I ever get tired of being all those things I'll go back to being just a simple small town Mechanical Engineer, Software Developer, volleyball coach, webmaster, blogger, husband and father.

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