Saturday, April 01, 2006

Balsam Street Car Show

After the failed home show we wandered downtown to the Annual Road Runners Car Show. The Road Runners Car Club hosts this event every year on April Fools Day. They invite a lot of antique or tricked out car owners from out of town to put their cars on display downtown. They block off about 4 blocks of Balsam street downtown and have a car party.

Both sides of the street were lined with some really impressive cars. A BBQ booth is set up selling food and making the whole street smell fantastic. Several local bands take turns entertaining the crowds.

Much to my father's disappointment I'm not a car guy. My father is. I never got that interested in them. I know enough to handle routine maintenance and small problems. I like to look at old cars. I would love to have an old car to drive. I just have no desire to restore one. But I like wandering down the street looking at the cars. The kids are kind of bored by it but they hang in there hoping that we will change our minds and buy them a shaved ice on the way back to our car.

I hope the businesses on Balsam St. enjoy the car show. I can personally tell them that we went into four shops today that we had never been in before. We probably wouldn't have done that if we hadn't been there looking at the cars.

The Car Show was definately more entertaining than the Home Show. Even if you're not car people. It's fun to look. If you are a car guy, like my Dad, you can spend all afternoon moving from car to car talking to all the owners. Trust me, last year Mom and Dad were here and if Dad's ankles hadn't given out I don't think we would have ever gotten him out of there.

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