Saturday, April 29, 2006

Confirmation Retreat

My oldest daughter just got home yesterday from spending the week at Camp Keep.

This morning she started her Confirmation Retreat. As part of her confirmation retreat her mother and I were required to write a letter telling her about her baptism. This is something that I would have blogged about 13 years ago, if we had blogging back in those dark ages. Since at heart I'm a lazy bum, I figure I'll reproduce what I had to write for my daughter here. If I have to sit and write something down I want to get as much use out of it as I can.

You were born on October 26th 1992. We waited two months for your baptism, until Sunday Dec 27th, 1992 at Grace Lutheran Church, so that our chosen Godparents could attend.

Your Godparents are Chuck and Tana Marsh from Laramie Wyoming. Chuck is one of your father's oldest friends. They drove to Ridgecrest on December 26th and stayed through New Years. Your Aunt Michele and Uncle Glenn, your grandma Shu-Shu and Grandpa Dick, and Your Uncle Dave and Aunt Wendy and their children Cassie, Kym and Tim all went to church with you that morning.

During the church service you were passed around between your Auntie Michele, your Aunt Tana and Aunt Wendy. Your Grandma Shu-Shu tried to hold you several times but couldn't get you away from all your Aunts. When we got to the baptism ceremony you were carried up to the baptismal font by your Aunt Michele. There she passed you off to your Aunt Tana. Pastor Ron led the congregation and the family in the standard baptism ceremony out of the hymnal. You were pretty well behaved. You just laid in Aunt Tanas arms and looked around sticking out your tongue. Then once pastor started pouring water over your head you started howling.

For your baptism we dressed you in the same dress and shoes that your Mother wore for her baptism. Around your neck you wore a gold chain and cross that your mother wore at her baptism.

The christening cap you wore was made by your great-great-Grandmother Victoria for your great-grandpa Chet for his baptism. Your Grandma Shu-Shu and both her brothers also wore it when they were baptised. As did your Father, your Aunt Mary and Aunt Kari. The same cap was worn at the baptism of all 5 of your cousins.

You were wrapped in a blanket that was crocheted especially for you by your great-Aunt Darlene.

Pinned on the front of your dress was a small black hills gold ring that your Daddy wore at his baptism, and a Saint Michaels medal that a good friend of your grandma Shu-Shu's had blessed by Pope Pius XII so your Daddy could wear it at his baptism.

After church we had a reception for everyone back at home. All the family spent the afternoon at your home, eating, visiting and politely fighting over who was going to get to hold you next.

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