Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Feast

Todays Easter Feast consists of hard boiled eggs, just hard boiled eggs. That's it.

At least that was what some of the wildlife around here had for breakfast.

Our Easter Morning tradition around here starts on Saturday afternoon when the kids get to color easter eggs. They each get one dozen eggs to color. Their color supplies consist of one package of Paas Egg Dye. You know the little tablets that you disolve in vineger and then add some water. Then once the eggs are dry they go into the refrigerator to wait for the easter bunny.

Then on Sunday morning we get up around 5 AM. We all get dressed up and ready for church. The best part about going to 6 AM Sunrise services is that you don't have to get there very early. There are always plenty of seats.

After church services we go to the fellowship hall for breakfast. The youth group puts on a pretty good breakfast after the first two services. They usually serve pancakes, fresh fruit, muffins, and an assortment of baked omelets. Then there is juice, hot chocolate and good old lutheran coffee.

After breakfast we return home to find out that the Easter Bunny has left candy in our baskets. He has also taken all three dozen eggs from the refrigerator, added in a dozen of special eggs that he prepared himself and hidden them all around the backyard.

This year when we got home the kids were checking out their baskets and I glanced into the back yard and noticed a large raven sitting near one of the eggs in the backyard. When I appeared in the window the raven flew off. I looked back into the living room and then turned back to the yard just in time to see another raven fly across the yard with a bright red egg in it's mouth.

My dear wife found the whole thing rather amusing. In the 13 years that eggs have been hidden in our backyard we have never lost a single one to the wildlife. This year we lost 14. But it's not much of a loss. I always fix up a dozen for deviled eggs that we take to my dear wife's parents for dinner. Then there is egg salad sandwiches for lunch for a week. Usually we run out of the desire to eat hard boiled eggs before we run out of eggs. This year I was going to try out Mostly Cajun's pickled egg receipe to use up the extra eggs. But I think the ravens may have eaten my extra eggs so the pickled eggs may have to wait for next year. Ravens permitting.

Happy Easter!


mostly cajun said...

Hey, go buy a dozen eggs and boil them JUST for the pickled egg recipe. It's worth it!


David said...

I may have to do that. My dear wife has mentioned that she loves pickled eggs in potato salad.