Wednesday, April 19, 2006


KRAJ was an oldies FM station here in Ridgecrest. They claim that their broadcast area is Ridgecrest, Antelope Valley and Johannesburg. I liked this radio station. It played just oldies. This was the radio station that I listen to in the car and that my dear wife listens to at work.

This week KRAJ changed their format from oldies. The now call themselves the Party Station. So instead of 50s, 60s and 70s oldies we get rap, hip-hop, etc.

I think along with the format change KRAJ should have changed their call letters to KRAP. Because that is what they are playing these days - Crap.

A note for the merchants who used to advertize on the oldies station. You just lost two potential customers. My Dear Wife and I used to pay attention to the ads for the local businesses on the radio. We won't be listening any longer.

Fortunately I got a iPod for my birthday and I have a cable to play it though the stereo in my truck. I guess I'll have to depend on it for music from now on. At least I know that I can depend on it for my daily Supremes/Four Tops/Temptations fix.


A letter to the editor of the local paper explained that the oldies format has been moved over to KLOA-AM. Well that doesn't do me any good. The AM band on my radio in the truck works just like several other parts of my 19 year old junker - it doesn't. My Dear Wife says that the AM station doesn't come at her office.

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