Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Immigration Protests

Yesterday there were more immigration protests in several cities across the United States. These protests were much more organized than the protests last week. This week most of the people marching in the streets were wearing white tee shirts and carrying American flags. If someone showed up with a Mexican flag they were told to put it away.

Regardless of the better job of clothing the protestors and wrapping them up in red white and blue the message of the protest was the same as last week. All the window dressings will not change the fact that what we saw was hundreds of thousands of people who are not American citizens demanding the same rights and privileges as American citizens. Except that they don’t want to accept the responsibilities of being an American citizen.

As an American citizen I enjoy all the freedoms granted me by the Constitution of the United States and it’s associated laws, rules and regulations. But along with these cherished freedoms I have several responsibilities that I am expected to live up to as a good citizen of the United States. In exchange for my freedoms I am expected to

  • vote,
  • support my nation (even when I don’t agree with it),
  • pay my taxes and
  • obey the laws, rules and regulations that govern the way we live.

What I saw marching in the streets yesterday were hundreds of thousands of people demanding the same rights and freedoms I enjoy yet by their very presence in this country they have shunned one of the most basic tenets of American citizenship – obeying the laws of the land.

We have a documented process for legal immigration into the United States. Granted it is a long, confusing, frustrating, nightmare of a process. But it is the legal law of the land. So if you want the rights of an American citizen, then follow the law, go through the process and legally immigrate to the United States.

While watching Fox News last night I heard several different liberal illegal immigrant excusers, including Alan Combs, use the analogy that if we are going to start enforcing the laws and deporting all the illegal immigrants then we have to start arresting everyone who drives over the speed limit.

This seems to be the justification of the week. Equate illegal invasion of the United States with speeding. Well I have a definite problem with that analogy. Everyone I know whom a law enforcement officer has stopped for speeding has been punished for that offense. Can the invasion excusers say the same thing about every illegal immigrant who has been detained by a law enforcement officer? No, they can’t.

Why is it okay to charge me a monetary fine, add penalty points to my drivers license, possibly require me to attend traffic school, and maybe even have to pay higher automobile insurance rates for speeding but illegal immigrants get released?

The last couple weeks we have heard Congress debating offering some sort of amnesty program for the illegal immigrants. Continuing to use the liberals favorite analogy - If you give amnesty to immigrants who entered this country in violation of our laws, then the next time I am stopped for speeding, I want to be given a special license plate that lets all law enforcement officers know that since I have been speeding for quite some time now, I am now exempt from the speeding laws in this country and can drive as fast as I want from now on.

So once Congress gets their lazy butts back to work in a couple weeks, what do I want to see them do?

  • I want a resolve to enforce our laws as they stand. If you are caught in this country illegally, then you have to go home.
  • I want our borders secured. We are being invaded from the south on a daily basis. If you doubt that fact, just look at the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people who marched in protest yesterday just because Congress is talking about making them go home.
  • I would like to see it be a felony to enter this country illegally. This is not a deal breaker by any means. We can properly punish misdemeanor crimes as effectively as felonies.

What do I not want from Congress and the President? Amnesty, of any sort or kind. If you broke our laws entering this country, then you have to leave. Now!

If a person wants to come to this country to make a better life for themselves or their family then all I have to say is “Welcome to America”. That is why we allow legal immigration. Sign the guest book, fill out your naturalization papers, get a job, pay your taxes, vote and start acting like an American. You do those things and you can march in the streets complaining about any damned thing you want to.

But if you want to sneak across our borders just to get a job, an education, see a doctor or collect a welfare check, then go home and march in the streets there protesting to improve your own country. Oh, wait, you’re not allowed to do that there, are you?

Immigration Protests


The Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady said...

What you said. A lot. I hope you sent a copy to your Congresscritters.

David said...

Did that. But since my Senators are Boxer and Feinstein I doubt it will ever even reach their eyes. Since I'm not a registered Democrat who votes the moonbat ticket they don't care what I think. My Congressman is Bill Thomas who is retiring this year. So I'm not counting on much from him either. But he has always been a pretty standup guy so I'm hoping that he will remain so til the end.