Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ridgecrest Home Show

After the EYH event the whole family headed over to the Ridgecrest Home Show. The Home Show is an annual event where many of the local merchants have a chance to show off their wares and services. Most of the stuff is geared towards fixing up your homes.

We were very disappointed this year. In the past we have bought or arranged to buy several different things from the Home Show participants. The latest was the sun room wall that we had our pation enclosed with.

This year we were shopping for hardwood flooring for our kitchen and dining room. However we struck out. We were hoping that several of the flooring installers in town would have displays and we could comparison shop for styles and prices all in one place. However there were no flooring companys at the show.

In fact, unless you were shopping for a hottub, cookware or furniture you were out of luck. Most of the companies there were selling stuff to put in your house not things to fix up or improve your house. There was one garage door installer and a window place. But that was about it. Everything else was more of a consumer good instead of a construction or improvement good.

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