Wednesday, March 23, 2005


It's Wednesday. Hump Day. The Middle of the Week. The one evening a week that my dear wife and kids announce that they have had enough of me and that I need to get out of their hair for awhile. So I take off every wednesday night and escape to the peace and quiet of the bowling alley.

It is late in the season. We only have about 4 weeks of bowling left. My team is in second place. Unfortunately there is a lot of points between us and first place. Almost too many to reasonably expect to make up the spread. Oh well, second place is better than last place, and we've finished there a couple times the last few years.

My night started out pretty good. I slopped my way into a 212 in the first game. I hit a nice streak to start the second game and finished up with a respectable 222. The wheels really came off the third game. I had to punch out (three strikes) the tenth frame just to bowl a pitiful 169.

Overall, for a guy with a 184 average. I'll take a 600 series any night.

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