Sunday, March 13, 2005

Almost an Ace

I spent this afternoon trying to get my family out of LA and back home to the sticks. While driving north on the I-15 in pretty heavy traffic I noticed a commotion behind me. Glancing in the rear view mirror I watched an older battered green volvo stationwagon weave it's way through the traffic. This rolling accident was traveling about 10 mph faster than any other car on the road at that moment. I think it had that new random lane change feature. Because the driver was wildly swerving around cars.

As this swerving dent rolled past us I noticed several bumper stickers all plastered all over the back of the vehicle. Among the plethora of "My child was student of the month..." stickers was a decal on the rear window depicting a family of four. There was four white silhouettes showing a mother, father, and two children. I pointed to the decal and told my wife, look honey, she only needs one more to make "Ace".

Good thing I was driving or we'd have been in the ditch. Life tip to remember, don't tell jokes to my wife while she is driving, she closes her eyes when she laughs.

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