Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Conversation with the Terminally Stupid

I pulled into the Dell Taco drive thru this evening because Chaos called and asked me to kill tacos for dinner on the way home from work. I knew from past hunting experiences that the largest pod of wild tacos in town hangs out near the Del Taco drive thru. Especially on Taco tuesday when they are 3 for 99 cents.

MMTDTW: (Moron Manning the Drive Thru Window): May I take your order please.
Me: I'd like 12 hard tacos and 6 soft tacos.
MMTDTW: Is that 6 soft and 12 hard tacos?
Me: Yes
MMTDTW: How many hard tacos did you say?
Me: 12
MMTDTW: Did you say 12?
Me: Yes. 12, like in a dozen.
MMTDTW: OK that will be $9.49.
Me: I don't think that's right. While thinking - 18 tacos (on tuesday) has been $6.37 for over a year now.
MMTDTW: No! it's $9.49. Please drive around.
Me - tired of talking to a box with a fried fish taco sign on it, drives around.
Me - waiting patiently for my turn at the window.
MMTDTW: (setting three bags of tacos down on the counter) That will be $9.49.
Me: I don't think that's right.
MMTDTW: That will be $9.49.
Me: No. That's about what 18 tacos would cost regularly. Tonight is tuesday, they are 3 for a buck.
MMTDTW: (turning to look at the computer screen) You ordered 12 hard tacos and 6 soft tacos, that comes to $9.49.
Me: Yes, Now read to me exactly what it says on your computer screen there.
MMTDTW: (sighing and rolling her eyes) 14 hard tacos and 6 soft tacos.
Me: I didn't order 14 hard tacos I ordered 12.
MMTDTW: (looking genuinely shocked) Really?
Me: (resisting the urge to bring BBQed moron home to my children) Yes, really. I ordered 12 hard tacos and 6 soft tacos - 7 times.
MMTDTW: (pushing buttons on the cash register) Well you don't have to get snippy. That will be $6.37.
I say nothing while handing over the fiver, buck, quarter, dime and two pennies that I had in my hand and glaring as loud as I could.
The MMTDTW hands me the 3 bags without taking anything out of them (like the 13th and 14th tacos).
I take my hard won trophies home to feed my starving brood.

At home I relate the story to my dear wife. That's when she counts the number of tacos in the bags. There is 12 hard tacos and 6 soft tacos. The receipt on the bag says 14 hard tacos and 6 soft tacos and the total due is $9.31.

My dear wife tells me that I should call the number on the receipt and complain. I'm not sure where I would even start.


Anonymous said...

This is typical of the service you get in town.

charlene said...

try having someone behind the counter harras you, saying they're going to kick your ass and "cut you up" and then following u outside while trying to get away and trys busting your window out.. and THEN going back to work.. and having the manager not do anything about it, like he was covering for the guy. Good Ol DelTaco protect pregnat women from your physco workers!