Sunday, March 20, 2005

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday. Barely. It will only be today for another 20 minutes so I have to type fast.

Went to church with the kiddios this morning. They enjoyed the palm leaves. But weren't sure what to do with them as we left the church so Noise and Destruction put their's back into the pile for the late service. Chaos was still carrying her's around so I stuck it into the scrunchy holding back her hair.

When she got out of sunday school an hour later it was still there.

Destruction and I planted four Bradford flowering pear trees in the back yard this afternoon. We replaced an old flowering plum and a pear tree which had died. We also added one near the gazzebo. We put the fourth one in a pot on the patio. I don't have a place in mind for it yet. But we have a mulberry that may not survive the year. So if the mulberry doesn't make it, I'll replace it next year with the potted tree.

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