Monday, March 21, 2005

Miami Dolphins

I have been a Miami Dolphins fan since 1972. This last year I even got the Directv NFL Sunday ticket so I could see more than one game a year. Just my luck - they stunk - all season.

Now I see this: Ricky Williams speaks with Nick Saban.

Ricky Williams has been trouble since the day he entered the NFL. He's a magnificently talented runningback who is also a real headcase. I other words he's a pot smoking, undependable, quiter. I can't believe that Nick Saban is even talking to the guy. What in the world has Williams ever done to make Saban think that Ricky won't quit on the team again, or end up doing time.

Nick. Just use the courts to get back the 8.6 million Ricky owes the Dolphins, then if the 49ers draft Alex Smith (Utah QB) with the first pick, grab Ronnie Brown (Auburn RB) and just make Ricky Williams an Ugly footnote in Dolphins history. If Smith is still available at number 2, take him. Then use the next 3 rounds to fortify the O-line. Then take the 8.6 million Ricky owes you and offer it to Mike Shanahan to pick a running back for you in the 5th or 6th round.

Finally if you do draft a QB, don't start him until next year. Give him a year to learn from Gus Frerotte.

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