Saturday, May 14, 2005

All Decked Out

We moved into this house in December 1989. When we started landscaping the back yard I left a 12 foot wide strip of dirt the length of the existing patio in the back yard. I told my dear wife that my eventual plan was to put in a ground level deck on one side of the area and paving stones on the other.

Through the years our backyard plans have changed a bit as our family grew. But that strip of dirt remained. About four years ago I finally put down the paving stones to cover half the strip of dirt. Then two years ago we had the patio enclosed and moved my den out there so each child could have their own bedroom. Last year I added the roofing over the patio area.

Well this summer I finally got my rear in gear and finished the ground level deck on the other side of the dirt. My dear wife immediately picked out a nice set of padded chairs and a new patio table. So we now have an outdoor dining area.

ground level patio decking

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