Saturday, May 14, 2005

Spoiling our Children

Occasionally my mother gets the wild idea into her head that my dear wife and I don't spoil our children enough. I don't know where she gets this from, they are plenty spoiled.

We let them have three meal a day. They get new socks once a year whether they need them or not. Heck, just last week we gave them each a full one inch thick piece of foam to put over the plywood that they use for beds. Sometimes we even replace their shoes before all 5 toes are visable through the holes.

But just to remind my mother that as parents we do realize that providing an occasional indulgence for my kids is my job as a father. So a few weeks ago we picked up one of these.

Water Slide

The kids loved this. It sets up quick, but takes a bit more to take down. I guess I have a new regular chore for the weekends this summer.

Finally, since its sometimes tough to tell sarcasm in print, that second paragraph about the way we treat our chldren was a total fabrication. We let them have new socks twice a year. So don't be writing to me about what a horrible father I am.

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