Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Dell Computer Complaint

I finally decided to break down and buy a laptop computer. I've wanted one for years. Our desktop computer at home is an old Dell Dimension 400 Mhz PII. So I figured instead of upgrading it I'd just get a laptop for me to use and leave the desktop for the kid's homework etc.

So I started shopping around and had myself talked into buying a Dell Laptop. I was looking the Inspiron 6000. So I logged into their outlet website and started shopping through the systems there. I found just what I was looking for. Well, OK it wasn't just what I was looking for. I still had to pay for it. But they didn't have any free laptops in the system so I figured I could settle for this one.

I wanted to get this whole process done tonight because they were running a free shipping offer that ended tonight. So I picked out my system added it to the shopping cart and started the check out process.

I was in a bit of a hurry because the outlet store will only let you keep a system in your shopping cart for 15 minutes. So a 9:50 PM PDT I start checking out. After filing in all my information, name, address, credit card, etc. I was shown a total purchase page that included the system I ordered, free shipping, california sales tax and an $8 environmental surcharge tax for buying a computer monitor in california. A big Thank you here to the California State Legislature for finding just one more way to tax us poor voters into oblivion. Like making me pay $8 when I buy a monitor is going to improve the environment here is Taxifornia.

Off Soapbox and back on subject now - I had to read and accept Dell's purchase agreement, Then I had to click that I wouldn't export this computer. All in all I had to click through about 5-6 different pages and on each one I was being shown what my order was - computer, free shipping, tax, enviro fee tax and total charge.

I eventually get through this entire process and get to the last page where I'm allowed to review my order one last time before clicking on the submit order button. Now what to my wondering eyes should appear on this final page? My order of laptop computer, $49 for shipping, California State Tax, and California Stick-it-to-the-taxpayer environmental surcharge tax.

WAIT A MINUTE - $49 shipping? What they heck happened to my free shipping. I start reading the fine print and clicking back through the pages and everyone one of them has a $49 charge for shipping on it.

So I'm pissed, I'm tired, I'm confused, and I don't feel like dealing with any crap from a rip-off company right now. So I shut down my browser and flop back in my chair and glance up at the clock that reads - 10:03.

Wait a minute, Dell is located in Texas, which is in the central time zone, so if it's 10:03 here in California then it's 12:03 in Texas. 12:03 on May 19th. The free shipping offer expired on May 18th.

Now I'm really hot! Dell expects me to pay California State Sales Tax because I live in California. They expect me to pay the California Environmental Surcharge tax because I live in California, but they cancel my free shipping 2 hours early because I live in California?

Well that is just a load of BS. The free shipping offer expired at midnight. Well according to every clock in my house I still had 1 hour and 57 minutes to midnight. Sure Dell has to set a cut off time to end the freebe offer. But nowhere did it say midnight Central Daylight Time May 18. It just says "offer ends May 18". Well according to my clock here in California it's where I have to pay state sales tax and stupid environmental surcharge tax it is still May 18th.

So Dell - pick one are you doing business in California or Dallas. If you are doing business in California and charging all the different California taxes then why would you cancel a free offer early in California?

Crap, it's late, I'm tired, and now I have to start shopping for a new laptop computer - tomorrow.


cheap computers said...

Dell has to set a cut off time to end the free be offer.

Helen said...

yeah is truly unfair i guess dell has to do something about this issue