Thursday, May 12, 2005

Volleyball game 7

After a week off my girls were finally back on the court again. We were playing a team that we beat in week two of the season. But I expected this game to be a lot different than the first one.

Since that night my girls had lost one match. The team we lost to was the reamining undefeated team in the league until they played tonights opponents.

Our opponents tonight beat that undefeated team three straight games.

Well it was a tougher match as I expected. Unfortunately both teams were a little flat. Not much movement or activity on the court. But unlike that last time we had a flat night, this time my team didn't lose their ability to serve. I think that is what swayed the match in our favor. We won the first game 25-12 and the second 25-21. The third game which was just for practice at this time we won 15-12.

The stats for the week are:

Player 7 April 14 April 21 April 28 April 12 May
M 3/5 5/5 10/10 9/9 8/10
A 9/10 13/13 12/14(2/3) 7/7(0/2) 15/16
K1 7/7 4/6 5/7 2/4 3/4
B 12/12 2/5 8/10 7/7(0/1) 6/7
J 2/4 7/9 2/4 dnp 2/5
S1 8/8 0/3 7/10 3/5 5/6
K2 4/4 dnp dnp 8/9 dnp
D 3/3 3/6 4/5 5/5(5/6) (5/7)
S2 4/5 dnp 4/4 7/7 6/6

Total 52/58 35/47 52/64(2/3) 48/53(5/9) 45/54(5/7)

MFS 4 8 3 2 3
SAWIB 10 6 5 3 3
BFP 29 8 9 10

(the serves in parenthesis are overhand serves)

Next week we don't get to practice. The gym is being used for the upper division tournement. So it's just one more game and then the season is over. I really wish the city would take practice a bit more seriously. The girls don't learn much during the games. Practice is where they need to learn the game. But this league is all about the games. The practice schedule always gets short changed. Well maybe if I keep nagging they'll come around eventually. Or else they'll just get sick of me and not let me coach anymore.

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