Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Intramural Golf Week 2

Wow, two weeks in a row of great weather. If it was like this every week this town would be a nightmare. There would be 200,000 people or more living here. It was low 80's, light wispy cloud cover and only about 10 mph breezes.

I was the C player this evening and we started on the 14th hole. Number one handicap hole on the golf course. Long, straight, narrow with trees on both sides. Par 4 that faces straight into the wind most of the time. I really blew it. It took me 3 shots just to reach everyone elses tee shots. If you ever want to see a really ugly overswing let me know, I'll video tape it for you.

I lost the first 2 holes then made a great chip and putt on 16 to get one back. 17 is a 168 yard par 3 with an elevated green. I hit my tee shot off the toe of my 6 iron. But I hit it well. We were looking straight into the evening sun so seeing was difficult at best. As I looked up during my swing I saw nothing but sun. My partner was sure he saw the ball heading towards the green via a big hook over the tree on the right side of the fairway. My opponents thought they saw my ball bounce near a large rock in the right rough half way up the fairway. Knowing that I had hit off the toe I started checking around the rock.

I eventually found my ball on the green about 20 feet from the pin. I had to ignore what my eyes were telling me about the putt I was facing. It looked like the putt would break to the left, but I know from experience that the 17th green is really flat, so it doesn't break much from any direction. I lined up center cup and drained a nice 20 footer for my first birdie of the season. Lets just hope it's not my last.

I made 2 other 17 - 20 foot putts this evening, unfortunately I missed two 3 foot putts. Opps.

I shot a net 3 over par and lost to my opponent 2 and 1 with him shooting a respectable 2 under par net.

My team went 3-3 on the night thanks to our AB players who went 3-0 to offset my partner's and my 0-3 night.

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