Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Intramural Golf week 3

Well we finally had a normal tuesday night for golf. Windy and chilly. OK, it didn't get chilly until the sun went down. But the wind was blowing. It wasn't blowing hard enough to really effect putts like it occasionally does. But it would move your ball around pretty good up in the air.

We competed tonight against several ex-teammates. When we first joined this league we had a team of 6 guys that by the end of the season had swollen to 12. So the next season when there was an opening in the league for another team half out guys broke way and formed another team. This has worked out well for all concerned. We now play a team at least once each season made up of friends. So it's usually a fun night, we can beat up on each other and still laugh, joke around and have fun.

The last two years they have gotten to better of us in the head to head matches. But tonight we exacted a little revenge. We won 5.5 out of 6 points. Our A player, Shane, had three birdies in 9 holes. I managed to shoot my first net par round of the season.

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