Thursday, May 12, 2005

We Finally Made the Big Time

Ridgecrest has been in the news alot lately. Jay Leno has mentioned us in his monologue. We have been mentioned on main stream media news outlets and hundreds of blogs.

And to what do we owe this new found fame? Did China Lake develop new weapon to use in the war on terror? Nope. Did our local high school sports team win a national championship? Not that either.

We are nationally famous now because a husband and wife in Johannesburg were ticketed for letting their chicken cross the road.

Jaywalking chicken lands couple in court

Chicken Ticketed For Crossing Road Near Ridgecrest

These are just a couple samples of identical articles that are appearing all over the web.

So here I sit trying to present a common man's hopefully humorous view of life in Ridgecrest and I get upstaged by a chicken.

I only hope that somewhere some good comes from this whole incedent. Maybe if the story gets enough coverage in Texas the armadillos will learn some road crossing tips from the chicken's technique.

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