Thursday, May 05, 2005

Insanity to the Left of Me

Just how insane has the moonbat liberal left in this country gotten?

Little Green Footballs is reporting that Cafepress is now selling tee shirts that advocate Save America, Kill Republicans!

So you have to ask yourself, is this anyway to advertise a tee shirt?

Making fun of Repubicans won't get them on our side, but threatening to kill them might be more effective.

Right, threatening to kill me is going to encourage me to take a closer look at your side of an arguement. Maybe if you could spell Republican I might take your threat a little more seriously. But regardless, if you believe that threatening to kill me will make me pay attention to your side of the arguement you are wrong. But then you should be getting used to being wrong by now.

Who do you want running your country right now? The Republicans who recognize that we are fighting a global war against terrorism, or the liberals who are fighting a global war against Republicans?

But this tee shirt does raise a question that makes me go Hmmmmmm? Just how are the ranting and raving loony liberal left going to try and kill Republicans?

They don't believe in the second amendment right to keep and bear arms, so theoretically the Republicans are probably better armed than they are.

Are they going to terrify us to death with their scathing wit? Howard Dean the new head of the Democratic National Committe says that we are 'evil', 'corrupt' and 'brain-dead'

Oww, Mommy make the scary man stop saying bad things about me.

They can't run us over with their cars. Can you imagine them trying to take out this: your typical Republican pickup

with one of these Nissan hypermini EV

Can you say speedbump?

So how about the tolerant peaceful left go back to wearing tie dyed tee shirts, hemp pants and sandals. You look silly advocating the murder of 50 million Americans.

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