Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Golf on Tuesday 5/24

Tonight was another beautiful night, weather wise. It started out a little hot, with some wind starting up after about 2 holes. Fortunately the wind never got anywhere near the 30 MPH that the weather service was forecasting.

Our A player was in a pretty tough match with both players working hard to lower their handicaps. Both players were under net par for the evening. Our A player had birdies on holes 1, 5 and 7. This is his second 3 birdie round of the season. Depending on who you ask, hole number 5 is either the hardest or second hardest hole on the golf course. So I don't expect to see too many other golfers making birdie there, especially if the wind keeps blowing.

Our B player played a slightly different game. He lost the first hole. He managed to get back to even two holes later, then dropped the next two holes. When he made the turn around 9, he was 2 down with 2 to play. He managed to win both the last two holes to tie his match.

The AB side went 2-1 with a win by the A player and Ties for the B and the Best Ball match.

On the CD side the golf wasn't pretty. OK, it was just down right ugly, with an occasional bright spot. Our opponents are pretty good guys and we had fun anyway. I was in a bit of a rut. With the exception of a freak 5 on hole #9 I shot only 6s and 4s all night. Now, as a 23 handicap, and since I was alternating 6-4-6-4 etc. I was averaging 5 strokes per hole. Which would work out under normal circumstances to be a bogey round of golf. A pretty good night for me. I jumped out to a quick 2 up lead after two, then played pretty even until I finally won the match 2 and 1. I shot a 47 (net 36).

Our D player had a much different plan for his game. His opponent jumped out to a quick 2 up lead and he spent the night playing catchup. My partner finally took his first lead of the night on the 7th hole then lost it on the next hole. He went into the final hole even up with our best ball match dormie. He then got the dubious pleasure of watching his partner (me) hook my tee shot into the trees and knew that he was on his own for both his match and the best ball on that hole.

Then while standing over his ball on the tee box of hole #2, our last hole to play, my partner started his swing motion just as we hear 4 voices from back on the first fairway all yelling FORE! TEE BOX!

So there's my partner, in the middle of his back swing, people behind us are all yelling, the rest of us who are standing around on his tee box are all ducking and moving around and just as a ball comes smacking down onto the back side of our tee box, My partner rips a crushing drive 280 yards down the left side of the fairway. Leaving himself only 70 yards into the green for his second shot. He settled for a bogey on the hole which was enough to win both his match and the best ball.

Over all the team went 5-1 tonight, and had quite a bit of fun doing it

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