Sunday, May 29, 2005

More Expensive Golf

BIL and I tried golfing again today. A little par 63 course called Dublin Ranch. It was a fairly new course, seeing as the area it was built in was all wilderness just 10 years ago. Now it's houses and a golf course.

I thought Canyon Lakes was expensive two days ago. Dublin Ranch was $48 and that was the twilight rate. Ouch. If we ever moved into that area I'd have to give up golf - just too expensive.

Dublin Ranch was a beautiful Course. Even prettier than Canyon Lakes. The fairways were smoother and closer mowen than some greens I have been on. The rough was fescue grass that was mowen about 1.5 inches. It was so thick it was almost impossible to swing a wedge through. It just grabbed the club head and stopped it cold. Outside the rough was tall fescue grass. And I mean tall. It was about 2 feet. You had to play all this tall grass as a lateral hazard. We lost several balls in this grass but each time we found more than we lost while looking for our lost balls. We seldom saw a ball we found, we usually stepped on them and felt them through our shoes.

The greens were hard and fast. I don't know how well they would hold a ball, then only greens I hit with approach shots the ball landed on the fringe and bounced onto the putting surface.

BIL and I played as a twosome. We had fun. No rush, no a$$holes. It was a wonderful afternoon. The only other golfers we met were polite and friendly. On the third hole we played up behind a fivesome. They immediately stepped off the green they were preparing to putt on and waved us through. We shouted thanks and motioned them to play on. We kind of liked waiting behind the fivesome. It gave us time to discuss our shots, offer some advice on course managment to BIL, and to look for lost balls.

At one point a twosome played up behind us. Seeing the fivesome a head of us, and that there was no one behind them, eveytime they caught up with us they would just ride back and repeat the last hole.

The weather was fantastic. The course wonderful if expensive. BIL and I had fun. All in all a great day.

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