Thursday, September 08, 2005

Blog Break

This is a really bad time to take a blog break when there are so many things out there to be writing about. Nawlins Mayor Nagin, Sean Penn, Howard Dean, the LA Governor, The California Senate that's trying to subvert the will of it's voters, Lance Armstrong, etc.

But I'm busy with work, the volleyball season starts next week and we're practicing every day, and the family and I are taking a long weekend to get away. Isn't that how you are supposed to celebrate gouging at the gas pumps, by driving out of town?

The kids are playing hookie from School tomorrow and we're headed for Disneyland. You know that place run by the three fingered mouse. And I thought gas prices were high. I'm going to have to make the kids choose between riding in the car and eating at Disneyland.

The twins have never been there before, unless you count when we took Mandy while my dear wife was pregnant with the twins.

Everyone have a good weekend. We'll be back on Saturday, if my bank loan for return gas fare comes through.

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