Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Great Ridgecrest Rippoff

Well we just got back from our excursion to Disneyland. We have promised the kids for over a year that we would take them. Finally we lived up to that promise. I'll write more in bit about our trip.

Now the trip home. We stayed at the Tropicana Inn which is right outside the gates to Disneyland. It was only about a 2 block walk to get into the park from our motel. When we left this morning my first stop was a gas station.

Five blocks north on Harbor blvd from the Disneyland front gate is a Chevron Station. Located in one of the busiest tourist locations in all Southern California and gas at this station was $2.89 for regular unleaded.

Three block further north was a Valereo (sp?) Station that was $2.85.

Continuing on our way home home we say other gas stations (for regular unleaded):

The truck stop just off I 15 on hwy 395 - $2.95

Valereo Gas right outside the Mavericks Baseball Stadium in Adelanto - $2.98

Circle K in Adelanto - $2.98

Then we cruise into Ridgecrest and the first thing we see is regular unleaded for $3.19.

Around town the other stations are all $3.15 to $3.19. I'm sure that there is a very good reason why we are paying 30 cents a gallon more than the gouge-the-hell-out-of-the-tourists area around Disneyland. But other than greed I can't come up with one.

We're glad to be back home. Even if it is a home where the oil companies are screwing us seven ways to sunday.

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