Friday, September 23, 2005

Fox News Sells Out

I was sitting here this morning watching the Hurricane Rita coverge on Fox News. Then I was assaulted by a paid advertizement by a group calling themselves Families for Peace.

This commercial troops several women claiming to have lost sons in the Iraq war. They blame President Bush for lying to the nation, for waging a personal illegial war, and for killing thier sons for his own evil purposes.

This is the kind of crap that I expect to see on CNN, which is why my family hasn't watched CNN for over 3 years.

I found an E-mail address to send a complaint to and sent it off.

Here is the message I sent:

Fox News has been my family's main news source for several years now. But this morning while watching the hurricane Rita coverage I saw an advertisement that just turned my stomach.

The ad from was a nothing more than a pack of lies and misleading emotions.

To see these women stating that the war on terror was illegial, that it was personal crusade of the President and that President Bush lied was an insult.

This is the kind of trash that I expect to see aired on CNN. Which is why we don't watch CNN.

I understand that this was a paid advertisement and may not be the opinion of Fox News. But it is airing on your network and therefore reflects badly on your network.

My wife has changed the channel on our television to the weather channel as I write this. If this is the kind of broadcast we can expect to continue to see on Fox the you will have lost a loyal viewer.

I'll try Fox News again, maybe tomorrow, but if this advertisment is still showing we will change the channel and remove Fox News from our channel listings. We have choices on what to watch, we have chosen Fox News in the past. But that can change.

I have blogged about my disgust for this trash you are airing at I would welcome an opportuntity to post a response from you.

If you have seen this trash that Fox is airing then let them know what you think. If enough people object maybe they will get the message that taking advertising money to broadcast lies isn't worth the loss of viewers.

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