Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wyoming Governor Gives up Knives for Guns

Back in June I mentioned an Article that appeared in the Wyoming Tribune/Eagle newspaper about how in December 2002 then governor-elect Dave Freudenthal threatened to behead the state Treasurer, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Trent Blankenship, and the State Auditor.

Blankenship told Riverton Ranger editor Steve Peck that Freudenthal told the group, "Don't ever cross me or your head will be in your lap before you even know I've drawn my knife."

It seems that Governor Freudenthal has learned his lesson. He finally woke up and realized that he is the Governor of Wyoming, a state where real men carry firearms.

According to the Jackson Hole Star Tribune Democratic Gov. Dave Freudenthal told state party members at a meeting attended by a Democratic National Committee vice chairman:

"This is a party that's not afraid of firearms," Freudenthal said. "It's a party where people are interested in whether the governor managed to shoot an antelope with one shot."

What I want to know is did the Governor use that infamous knife of his to field dress that antelope himself?


OK, so the article in the Jackson Hole Star Tribune was mostly about how the Governor was urging the Wyoming State Democrats to separate themselves from the National Democratic Leaders like Howard Dean. Blah, Blah, Blah…

What fun is that? We all know that the Democratic Party is splintering apart from the inside. That’s not news. Besides, its not like the Republican Party is the most unified organization around.

Lets try and stay on topic here. When Game and Fish is checking the Governor’s antelope tags this year I hope they look under the tarp in the back of his truck and make sure this guy isn’t poaching state employees.

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