Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Desert Rain

About 11:45 last night I noticed a strange noise out on the patio. I opened the back door and was greeted by the lovely fresh smell and pitter-patter on the roof of a light desert rain. I stood out on the patio for about 15 minutes just enjoying the smell and the sound. When I headed for bed about 12:30 it was still sprinkling.

This morning when we awoke the ground was wet and the sky still cloudy. But by the time we left the house it was sprinkling again. It has sprinkled on and off all day. I love days like this. Light rain, cooler temperatures, no wind. Usually when it rains here it is hard fast and furious and causes flash floods, washouts, etc. We can get an inch or more in just an hour. Showers like today are rare. It had been sprinkling on and off for almost 20 hours and we've only gotten about four-tenths of an inch.

If we could get a couple of days like this a week this desert might be a pretty nice place to live. But then I suppose that along with the nice place to live would come all the people who would want to live here. Then we wouldn't be a small town anymore.

So I guess I'll enjoy our gentle desert rains when we get them.

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