Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Middle School Volleyball 9/27

Sixth match of the season for both teams this afternoon.

My 7th grade team finally quit teasing around and threatening to give me a heart attack. I think I found the motivator I need to get them stop slacking off and losing the second game of the match. If the other players want a chance to take a turn at setting, they have to win the first two games. If they do that I will switch setters for the third game and let the other seventh grade player and/or a couple of the 6th graders have a turn.

That seemed to work. They won the first game 25-8 and the second 25-14. The first game was fantastic. They only made 2 service errors and 3 serve receive errors. Second game the got a little sloppy with the serving and volleying. But still held on for an easy win.

I didn’t get to see how they handled the third game with the alternate setters. I had to go warm up the 8th grade team. But seeing as how the game didn’t last very long they either lost or won it quickly.

My 8th grade team started out sleepwalking. They lost the first game 12-25. They put on a great serving demonstration, committing no serve errors at all. Unfortunately the 9 service aces they served were three-fourths of the points they scored. They were not moving at all. We committed 14 serve receive errors.

The second game was a great improvement. It was also the first time this year that my 8th graders came back from a loss to win the next game. Committing only 3 serve errors and 4 serve receive errors they won 25-22. They were volleying really well. Good passes, several good sets and a couple nice spikes. We even had a couple saves were players were running off the court to get to mishit balls and getting them back up into play.

Unfortunately they reverted to their old slow ways for the third game and lost it 10-15.

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