Friday, September 30, 2005


When I first saw the televison show Firefly I enjoyed the show. As it progressed through the 11 episodes that Fox aired I got more attracted to the show. It was a wonder blend of sci-fi adventure, comedy and westerns.

Then the series was canceled. I didn't miss it all that much. I did think that it was a shame that a show with such potential wasn't given a chance to succeed.

When the entire 14 episodes were released on DVD I picked up a copy. I've enjoyed rewatching the 11 episodes I had seen and the three new episodes that were never aired.

Today Serenity opened in the theaters. I was not fortunate enough to go to any of the several prerelease showings of the movie. Mostly because they didn't have any here in this little one horse town of ours. So I had to wait until today when it opened nationally to see it.

The movie was really good. Don't worry I won't give away any of the major events of the movie. If you want to find out how the ship blows up, what kind of poison they used to kill the space dragon and how many times Mal had to stab Jayne to kill him you will just have to go see the movie for yourself.

This movie was a lot of fun and I think that even people who didn't see the TV show would be able to follow and understand it. The opening few minutes provide enough of the back story that you can enjoy the movie without having seen the series. Those of us who did watch the series will see the movie as a continuation of the series.

I hope that any success this movie experiences translates into a renewal of the TV series or more movies. I would personally vote for more TV shows. But movies will be ok, except that I will have to wait too many years between shows.

So if you want to see a well done sci-fi adventure with a dose of amusing dialog check out Serenity. It's rated PG-13. It is pretty violent. But not really graphic. They suggest a lot of graphic violence and there is a lot of hand to hand fighting. But most of the gross stuff isn't on display or splashed across the screen.

I'm willing to take my almost 13 year old daughter to see the movie if she wants to. But not the 8 year old twins. I wouldn't want to try and explain reavers to them.

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