Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Don't Get Stuck on Stupid

During a press conference this afternoon New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin started losing control of a media pool. Lt. Gen. Russel Honore stepped in and took over.

The General was telling the reporter that there would be bus transportation from the civic center for anyone who needed it to evacuate before Hurricane Rita could cause any further damage to New Orleans.

One reporter wasn't satisfied with the plans for dealing with the current potential crises. He wanted to keep harping on the old crises. His question was"

General, a little bit more about why that's happening this time, though, and did not have that last time...

The General's response is one that should be learned and used by anyone who has the unfortunate task of briefing the press.

You are stuck on stupid. I'm not going to answer that question. We are going to deal with Rita. This is public information that people are depending on the government to put out. This is the way we've got to do it....

I love it. I think the General may have really hit on something here. "You are stuck on stupid" could become the next fad catch phrase. Start looking for it on bumper stickers, tee shirts and blogs all over the internet.

Hugh Hewitt
would like to see more of the same.

The Vodka Pundit says Ladies and gentlemen, we are witnesses to a rare and wonderful moment: a new catch phrase has been born.

Radio Blogger has the whole transcript and the audio mp3.

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